Last updated in December 2020

"keep it simple, stupid"

Hiruna Samarakoon
Uninversity of Peradeniya, Peradeniya 20400, Sri Lanka
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Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya - Peradeniya, Sri Lanka : Nov 2015 - Present

Trinity College - Kandy, Sri Lanka : 2006 - 2014

Academic publications

  1. Gamaarachchi, H., Lam, C.W., Jayatilaka, G., Samarakoon, H., Simpson, J.T., Smith, M.A. and Parameswaran, S., 2020. GPU accelerated adaptive banded event alignment for rapid comparative nanopore signal analysis. BMC bioinformatics, 21(1), pp.1-13.

  2. Samarakoon, H., Punchihewa, S., Senanayake, A., Hammond, J.M., Stevanovski, I., Ferguson, J.M., Ragel, R., Gamaarachchi, H. and Deveson, I.W., 2020. Genopo: a nanopore sequencing analysis toolkit for portable Android devices. Communications biology, 3(1), pp.1-5.

Awards and Recognition

Work experience

Agricultural Biotechnology Center, University of Peradeniya

20face Enschede, the Netherlands - a company providing privacy proof biometrics

Final year research project

The project had three objectives.

  1. Designing a smartphone application for analyzing nanopore DNA sequencing data
  2. Aggregate the computing power of smartphones using a server-client setup for real-time DNA analysis in parallel to DNA sequencing
  3. Algorithmic enhancement in DNA methylation profiling pipeline to limit data storage requirements and introduce complete real-time DNA methylation profiling using smartphones.


The following are some of the projects I have worked on during my undergraduate studies. Please visit for more information.

Other Interests and Activities

Learning is a never-ending journey. I have taken some online courses in this pandemic situation.

I've started a new habit of writing to share knowledge with a wide audience.

I find myself as an enthusiastic sportsman. I play football regularly. I have won university colors for Hockey in three consecutive years - 2016/17/18. I was lucky enough to be the vice-captain of the college Hockey team (2006-2010).